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Association of Soils & Crops Research Scientists has been founded on June 1991 and started the series of journal having frequency Half Yearly. Dr. R.D Deotale is the Managing Editor & Secretary of the journal.

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Guidelines For Authors

Here are few points to ponder while submitting the papers to us.

  • Authors should submit two copies of manuscript. Manuscript should be typed with 2.0 spacing on one side of the bond paper measuring 22X28 cm with a margin of 5 cm on the left side and 3 cm on the three other sides.
  • Communications-Research article / notes should be to the point, concise and clear with short introduction. The title of the articles should be in capital letters
  • The text of the paper should arranged into suitable headings- Abstract, Keywords, Introduction Materials and Methods, Result and Discussion followed by References.
  • The manuscript should not be more than 10 papers including tables, graphs and figures
  • Abbreviations of the periodicals should conform to those given in the world list of the the scientific periodicals
  • Diagrams and photographs must be submitted in original and they should be properly labeled.
  • Tables should be typed separetaly from the text and the headlines of the same should be short and clear.
  • References should be written as under
  • (i) Kene, D.R 1991. Relation of soil properties with growth and performance of crops. J. Soils and Crops 1(2)5-11

  • (ii) Gokhale, K.V.G.K and T.C Rao, 1983. Ore deposits of India. 3rd Ed. Affiliated East-West Press Pvt.Ltd., New Delhi pp.70-89
  • (iii) Deotale, R.D 1990. Effect of fertilizer doses and harmones on morphological, physiological and biochemical parameters of Leucaena Leucocephala (Lam) de-wit. Unpublished Ph.D Thesis, Dr. PDKV Akola pp.271
  • All correspondence relating to membership and the journal should be addressed to Dr. R.D Deotale, Secretary, Association of Soils and Crop Research Scientists Nagpur, 21 Anand Nagar Atrey Layout, Ranapratap Nagar, P.O Nagpur-440022 (M.S)-India
  • Author can also submit manuscript / Research paper online on our email info@ascrsnagpur.com
  • First author of the research paper / short communication will be solely responsible for any legality involved in its publication. Association of Soils and Crops will not be reposible for plagiarism and genuises of the data suspected by any person.
  • All the authors mentioned in the communication should be subscribers of this journal. An individual, institution can become a subscriber by paying Rs. 700 /- as annual subscription. However, subscription of the author contributing research paper will be Rs. 200/- in addition to printing and other charges to be borne by him. Subscribers from other countries will pay equivalent amount in US Dollars besides postal charges.

Contact Details

Email: info@ascrsnagpur.com
Website: www.ascrsnagpur.com

21, Anand Nagar, ,
Atrey Layout,
Ranapratap Nagar,
P.O. Nagpur - 440022(M.S)-India

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